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If you want a modern, yet disciplined and conservative approach to investing, we might be a good fit.

Our approach to investment management and financial planning won't make headlines.  It's unlikely you'll read about us in the financial pages of newspapers, magazines or blogs.  We don't make news.  We manage your hard-earned money with an approach that has evolved, endured and done well for the past 90 years

You have choices. You do have options.

We should be one of them.

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  • Founded in 1924 by D.J. St. Germain
  • A client's interests comes first
  • Money management for individuals & companies
  • Clients have access to the portfolio managers who manage the assets
  • Fee-based service; no commissioned salespeople
  • We don't use complicated, high-risk or trendy instruments [derivatives, swaps, e.g.]
  • Independently Owned

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Why Choose A Professional Advisor?

Your financial health deserves the same level of expert attention just as you would expect from other professionals in healthcare, law, tax accounting and so on. You should feel confident and comfortable with your investment advisor. 

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